I Work in Quality Assurance Advocacy

My career is focused on understanding what others in a team are doing. The impact of planned work, managing the expectations of stakeholders and analysing development changes.

By asking questions of a team I can better understand the impacts of these changes. Understanding more I begin to coach teams. Sharing my expertise in testing with the team so they can start thinking more like testers themselves. I mentor, pair, persuade and promote towards my goal of shared quality ownership. Sometimes this is challenging but often worth it!

If you are a QA I hope you find the site and its content useful, in coaching your team. If not, please think about the ideas on this site. Discuss them with your team or QA to see if they are right for you.

Any comments or questions do contact me on Twitter or email.

Me at the Equal Experts Conference 2019 Me at the Equal Experts Conference 2019

Notable Projects


ECS as a Delivery Consultant. Currently working with HSBC as a Testing Practice Lead.


  • Equal Experts as a QA Lead Consultant. Working for Clients HMRC and John Lewis.
  • Just Eat leading the QA process for the order team in the UK and international markets. As well as leading internal Hackathons and Workshops.
  • DataSift a big data platform consuming social media data most notably from Facebook.
  • Numero a machine learning application for call centre agents.
  • New Orbit as a Web Application Engineer working with ASP.NET Core.
  • Microsoft on the Forza Horizon 2 project focused on testing performance.

Credits from Forza Horizon 2 Credits from Forza Horizon 2